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5 Data Center Security Threats Businesses Must be Aware of in 2023

As reported by CIOSEA News, global cyber attacks saw an increase by 38 percent in 2022. This is in comparison to the percentage of such attacks seen in 2021. It's an alarming situation, one that clearly shows that cyber security threats are constantly growing. In some countries, cyber attacks were more severe and greater in number than in others. DIGIT News reported that the UK saw a 77 percent increase in cyber attacks in 2022. These are astounding figures, and they all point to how dangerous cyberspace has become.

6 Data Center Security Standards You Need to Implement

In October 2022, data center construction reached a record high, reflecting our reliance on collecting, storing, and securing data. This reliance permeates businesses across all industries and puts pressure on data centers storing and processing large amounts of data–much of which is sensitive.