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Why API Integrations Are Critical for Security Service Edge (SSE) Success

Gartner’s introduction of the Security Service Edge (SSE) Magic Quadrant in February of 2022 has been an impetus for organizations to reassess their cloud access security broker (CASB) solutions. CASB is one of the three core components of SSE and the piece of the puzzle that handles cloud security for SaaS and IaaS applications.

SSE: The MVP of The Cybersecurity Mesh Architecture

Overtime IT has adopted a number of siloed security services. These services work adjacent to one another, rather than WITH one another. As you would’ve guessed, this increases complexity and decreases efficiency. This is why we must do away with these types of models. The best security strategies focus on both people and technology. The modern era of work that we are all now experiencing has led to the need for IT security teams to get smarter with every single security incident that occurs.

Things to Ask Your SSE Vendor: Episode 6: Can your SSE simplify access into one UI, agent, & policy?

IT manages access policies across every business apps their users need - whether private, SaaS, or internet-based. To accomplish this simplicity is critical. By simplifying policies, and combining capabilities typically distributed across multiple point products, SSE platforms lead to better efficiency, less security gaps, and more optimization. But, at the end of the day users don’t care whether they are connecting through ZTNA, SWG or CASB, they just want to be able to do their jobs. The right SSE platform should deliver the fast, secure, connectivity that IT needs, with the seamless experience users expect. True harmony.

Introducing Atmos: The SSE Platform Designed to Enable Work in Harmony

The modern workplace of today is an orchestra composed of users, devices, applications, and clouds – each playing their own tune, and constantly syncing, and changing. This orchestra is difficult to secure, challenging to see, complex, and extends far beyond the confines of the corporate network. It requires a solution designed to harmonize workplace connectivity.

SSE for Internet Service Providers: A Competitive Threat or an Opportunity?

It feels like only yesterday when we first heard about SASE. The proposition of consuming network and security services from the cloud was attractive and resonated with the market. It’s no surprise that internet service providers (ISPs) started exploring how they could offer a set of SASE services. Fast forward to today and we all are watching how Security Service Edge (SSE) as a new product category is being received by enterprises.

Things to Ask Your SSE Vendor: Episode 4: Can You Securely Connect to AS400 via Agent and Agentless?

Not every application running in your environment will be a "modern" one. Many companies still use crown-jewel applications like AS400. The best SSE platforms can use zero trust network access (ZTNA) to securely access AS400 - not only when an agent is deployed on the device, but also through an agent-less RDP session as well. Can your SSE vendor do that?

The Business Value of Security Service Edge (SSE) and the SASE and Zero Trust Journey

I’m not big on acronyms or buzzwords. Like many executives, my eyes glaze over when I’m being prospected with an alphabet soup of technology terms I supposedly “need” to care about. So why, then, does the title of this article include Security Service Edge (SSE), Secure Access Service Edge (SASE), and Zero Trust? Despite our justified disdain for acronyms, the ideas behind these terms hold genuine importance for business leaders.