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2023: The year of SASE? Not So Fast Says SSE!!!

If you’ve not downloaded the first ever SSE Adoption report conducted by CyberSecurity Insiders, do! CyberSecurity Insiders, is a 500,000+ member online community for information security professionals, bringing together the best minds dedicated to advancing cybersecurity and protecting organizations across all industries, company sizes, and security roles. They are a comprehensive source for everything related to cybersecurity – connecting people, opportunities, and ideas.

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The Gift of SSE for your Networking Team

Networking in today’s world is hard enough as it is, especially when connectivity needs to be from everywhere. During this holiday “SSEason,” Axis wants to give the gift of making you and your team’s lives easier. Our new 2022 Atmos Winter Release has some major new features that we hope your networking team and end-users will enjoy!

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Bring unity to your DLP this Holiday SSEason

Data. Clive Humby, the British Mathematician said it best in 2006, “Data is the new oil”. These zeros and ones stored in virtually every corner of the world now power industries and hold tremendous power in decisions companies make. Where do I invest, what are my customers doing, and critically, what does the future hold? Alternatively, data can also be used against companies.


Managing Risks with SASE, SSE, and Zero Trust

In the first part of this blog series, I took a look at how an understanding of digital strategy and digital risk is key to starting a security transformation journey. In this post, I am digging further into how a secure access service edge (SASE) architecture with security service edge (SSE) capabilities and zero trust principles can help mitigate the types of digital risk I outlined in part one.


What is Security Service Edge(SSE) and How Does It Help to Achieve SASE?

Every technology has its downside. Likewise, internet use also has its drawback of cyber threats, which we already know. All the companies are struggling to secure their virtual assets from cyber-attacks to run a successful business. But the threat possibilities are worsening with new concepts like working from remote locations and cloud computing.

Why Security Service Edge (SSE) Architecture Matters

The architecture of any security platform has a huge impact on its ability to protect your business. This still applies when evaluating a Security Service Edge (SSE) platform. Not all SSE platforms are made equal and the proof is in the way it was architected. Learn why architecture matters when selecting a SSE solution and different factors you should be aware of.

What is Security Service Edge (SSE)

What is Security Service Edge (SSE)? Why are legacy security architectures no longer effective? Clear up the confusion and learn about this emerging category that helps improve user experience and security with help from Netskope's Vice President and Chief Evangelist, Bob Gilbert. Intelligent SSE from Netskope is redefining cloud, network, data security.

Things to Ask Your SSE Vendor: Episode 8: How can I get actual value from my CASB?

CASB can often just be a 4-letter word. With teams across the board struggling to implement CASB effectively (or get it up and running at all), Axis determined to create our solution in a way that makes controlling SaaS access and protecting data in these apps easy for teams managing them.