TrustCloud Launches TrustHQ for Atlassian, upgrading Jira to become the central hub for all GRC activities

TrustCloud Launches TrustHQ for Atlassian, upgrading Jira to become the central hub for all GRC activities

Boston MA — June 21, 2023 — TrustCloud™, the Trust Assurance platform that uses AI to upgrade GRC into a profit center, announced today the launch of TrustHQ for Atlassian, an integration with Atlassian tools that allows employees to complete all their GRC workflows and projects in Jira and other Atlassian apps. 

TrustHQ™ for Atlassian bidirectionally syncs ticket creation and status in Jira with GRC tasks in TrustCloud, and uses AI to analyze tasks lists and move the most important ones to the “now queue.” TrustHQ minimizes manual work and room for error when addressing compliance requirements, while saving time for employees and giving GRC leaders greater visibility into projects and tasks. This capability is available to all TrustCloud customers using Atlassian today, in addition to the evidence collection integration already in place with Atlassian and over 90 other software systems.

Critical privacy and security projects like control adherence, evidence management and access reviews cannot be completed by the GRC team alone; they often require collaboration with colleagues across HR, engineering, sales and marketing. Without a platform designed for cooperation, GRC leaders spend too much time tracking down documents, getting sign-off and managing multiple workstreams. This disconnected workflow wastes time and creates opportunities for additional risk, as GRC leaders lack visibility into project status, and the location of key documents.

TrustHQ for Atlassian simplifies cross-functional communication, dependencies, and compliance adherence. Benefits for TrustCloud customers include: 

  • Save time across the company – GRC leaders save time on project management, and their colleagues avoid multiple logins and email follow ups
  • Reduce risk – greater accountability via improved tracking and notification makes it easier for employees to complete compliance-related tasks
  • Improve the employee experience – employees can work in their preferred platform, without extra logins or learning a new tool
  • Build a culture of trust – the entire organization has clarity around their GRC obligations, with seamless workflows to address them. Leaders have greater visibility into project status, and customers are assured that compliance requirements are met.

“My top priority is securing Snyk’s customer data, which often requires building, tracking and verifying projects with colleagues across many teams,” said Annie O’Rourke, Director of Compliance, Audit and Assurance at Snyk. “Everyone at Snyk is committed to building a secure business, but confusing or inefficient workflows often make it harder than it should be. We don’t need more alerts and reminders; we need tools to actually help us get work done. TrustHQ for Atlassian will make it easy for my team to stay on top of critical projects and get a unified view of work that needs to be completed to uphold our governance, risk, compliance, and customer commitments.”

“In a world of digital transformation and agile cloud-based development, maintaining adherence to your governance, risk, and compliance obligations has to be a team sport. Every employee is required to address business risks and compliance obligations, in real time, to reduce financial liability,” said Tejas Ranade, Chief Product Officer at TrustCloud. “CISOs tell us that they want to connect security, privacy, IT and GRC activities to the place where employees perform their daily work. With TrustHQ for Atlassian, we are upgrading Jira to become the epicenter of trust for every organization. Jira can now be used to continuously monitor, prioritize, and automate a company’s adherence to its trust obligations.”

TrustHQ for Atlassian is available to all TrustCloud customers using Atlassian, starting today. To learn more about TrustCloud, visit

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Erin Crapser
VP Marketing, TrustCloud