Endace and Cubro Announce Partnership to Eliminate Network Blind Spots, Accelerate Investigation, and Streamline Workflows

Endace and Cubro Announce Partnership to Eliminate Network Blind Spots, Accelerate Investigation, and Streamline Workflows

By Endace
Mar 23, 2022
2 minutes

Reading, UK; MARCH 23, 2022 – Endace and Cubro today announced a partnership to deliver fast, accurate and robust network security to their customers, combining Endace's industry-leading packet capture and always-on network recording with Cubro's portfolio of world class network visibility solutions.

Cubro's Omnia product line includes network TAPs, Advanced Network Packet Brokers, Bypass Switches and Network Probes. EndaceProbe Analytic Platforms capture, index, and record network traffic with 100% accuracy and provide simultaneous hosting for a wide variety of network security and performance monitoring applications. The result of the integration is complete visibility of the network and the traffic traversing the network, both in real-time and historically.

As threat landscapes become more and more challenging, benefits of this partnership that enable customers to better defend their networks include:

  • Eliminating blind spots through more comprehensive visibility with Cubro's TAP & Omnia products;
  • Accelerating event investigation and reconstruction with EndaceVision™ and Investigation Manager™;
  • Granular filtering of relevant network traffic and de-encapsulating tunneled traffic with Cubro's Omnia Network Packet Brokers;
  • Streamlining investigation workflows with EndaceProbes providing the ability to record every packet on the network for a complete view of network activity.

Customers using a Software Defined Network (SDN) also benefit from this partnership. Cubro's Omnia Network Packet Brokers can filter encapsulated traffic to provide visibility into virtualized and overlay network traffic, allowing EndaceProbes to have unrestricted access to traffic in SDN environments.

"The combination of Cubro and Endace is extremely complementary and gives customers great power and flexibility," says Cary Wright, Endace's VP Product Management. "It gives them access to all of the traffic flowing across the network so they can see, and record an accurate copy of, all network activity across both physical and SDN environments. For security teams that is incredibly important."

"New leaf-and-spine data center architectures offer tremendous advantages in scalability, performance, and latency, but can present challenges for traditional network management, security, and analytics teams", says David Burns, Cubro's VP of Strategic Alliances. "Cubro's platforms, based on industry leading silicon, help enterprises address these challenges. Cubro is pleased to join the Endace Fusion partner program, together leveraging new capabilities, such as enhanced security and multi-tenancy -- available in these environments", added Dave Burns.

Cubro is the latest company to join Endace's Fusion Partner Program. The program provides pre-built integrations of industry-leading solutions with EndaceProbe's powerful API to deliver higher performance, easier integration and on-demand deployment to our customers.


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About Endace:

Endace specializes in high-speed, scalable packet capture for cybersecurity, network and application performance. The open, EndaceProbe Analytics Platform lets customers record a 100% accurate history of activity on their network and can host network security and performance monitoring tools that need to analyze real-time or historical traffic. Endace's Fusion Partners provide pre-built integration with the EndaceProbe platform to accelerate and streamline incident investigation and resolution.

For more information see www.endace.com or follow Endace on Twitter and LinkedIn.

About Cubro:

Cubro network visibility solutions remove network monitoring 'blind spots' to provide enhanced visibility and control of all data transiting a company's network. Cubro's solutions are instrumental in the successful outcomes of IT initiatives such as 5G/4G/3G, customer experience management and service assurance, digital transformation, data security, virtualised Data Centres and software-defined networking/NFV.

For more information, please visit https://www.cubro.com or follow Cubro on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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