Axis Unveils 2022 Atmos Winter Release to Help CxOs Make a Clear Business Case for Adopting Security Service Edge

Axis Unveils 2022 Atmos Winter Release to Help CxOs Make a Clear Business Case for Adopting Security Service Edge

PLANO, Texas, December 13, 2022 – Axis has released its most comprehensive Security Service Edge (SSE) platform to date, the 2022 Atmos Winter release. Unveiling industry-first innovations, Axis showcases new Security Service Edge (SSE) capabilities such as IPSec tunnel support for both Secure Web Gateway (SWG) and Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) traffic, smart routing, malware scanning, unified Data Loss Prevention (DLP) across external and internal resources, and more to further strengthen end-to-end security for enterprises.

“CxOs are under more pressure than ever to find simple, cost-effective solutions that enable zero trust access to resources, keep their modern workplace productive, and provide immediate value on Day One,” said Gil Arielant, Axis co-founder and CTO. “The incumbent SSE platforms are overpriced, outage ridden due to poor architectural design, and are complex to manage. Our hope is that this release proves to every enterprise IT leader out there that SSE, designed right, can bring tremendous and immediate benefits to their business.”

“Axis has always played the upstart role in the SSE space,” says Toph Whitmore, an industry director with Frost & Sullivan’s Cybersecurity research practice. “While other Cloud Zero Trust architecture vendors focused on displacing legacy technology, Axis quietly developed a compelling cloud solution that serves world-class security to enterprise customers. Like other SSE solutions, the Atmos platform supplants unsecure hardware models, but it has been designed to offer its edge-delivered security and connectivity services in the most agile, scalable, and – this is key – high-performance way. This release should make enterprise CISOs sit up and take notice…and competing technology vendors too.”

“Security teams and tools no longer operate in a silo. Effective inline security controls are necessary to protect businesses in this modern era of work, but must be combined with Network-as-a-Service to ensure a consistent, performant experience for users regardless of their location,” said John Grady, Senior Analyst at Enterprise Strategy Group. “This is why CIOs, CISOs, and Infrastructure leaders are quickly migrating to Security Service Edge (SSE) services. Companies like Axis who are consistently innovating in this space can help IT leaders realize value from day one, consolidate the number of products needed for access, and actually solve challenges, versus creating new ones.”

2022 Atmos Winter Release

More value in a new economic environment

In today’s macroeconomic climate CxOs are constantly pushed to do more with less. With this release, Atmos delivers a strong pathway to SSE. It unlocks additional value through native support for IPSec to allow branch users and/or servers to access the Internet and extends secure connectivity to internal resources to deliver true branch-to-application segmentation. Infrastructure leaders looking to adopt Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) are able to reduce MPLS spend, connect headless devices and users at the branch to any business resource with a single solution, and integrate Atmos with their strategic SD-WAN partners to complement existing network optimization investments.

The modern network delivered as a service

SSE is just as much about networking as it is security. Atmos now delivers a full Network-as-a-Service (NaaS), making it one of the most reliable SSE platforms on the planet for enterprises. It offers:

Smart Routing – Atmos uses telemetry data to automatically route traffic through the fastest path, and on a per session basis, to boost business productivity. By leveraging the combined power of AWS Global Accelerator, Google Cloud Platform, Oracle, and now Azure, Axis provides two to three times the redundancy of other SSE vendors. This results in the fastest access possible for users, and automatic failover, should a public cloud service go down.

Atmos Local Edge – While many apps are in the cloud, there are business resources that will continue to run on-prem and are latency sensitive. Introduced today, Atmos Local Edge gives on-prem users lightning fast access by eliminating the need to hairpin traffic out to the Internet first. This is the perfect solution for hybrid work scenarios, and for overcoming access challenges in regions like China, Africa, and South America.

Point of Presence (PoP) Desert Initiative – Axis’ PoP Desert Initiative automatically scales to customer demand by deploying new PoP locations in under two hours using Terraform templates designed for any public cloud provider.

Simplify data security and device compliance through Atmos

Ransomware protection – The Winter Release hardens Atmos Web Gateway’s security capabilities by adding malware scanning for files, on top of SSL inspection, and combines with Atmos ZTNA to protect the business from potential ransomware events and propagation across the network.

Unified DLP and control capabilities across SWG, CASB, and ZTNA – For the first time, governance risk and compliance leaders can gain visibility into the end-to-end data journey. This allows them to see internal resource access events and determine when specific users attempt to exfiltrate data to external email or file share apps. They can also remain in control over what data can be transferred using new advanced Atmos file content control and Atmos file metadata control features.

Support for Microsoft Managed Desktop – Atmos is now the only SSE service that fully supports Microsoft Managed Desktop, allowing MMD customers to easily secure access to business resources from MMD-managed desktops without any hassle. and securely empowering a connected workplace experience for end users.

Axis recognized for continuous innovation

Axis’ 2022 Winter Release is a continuation of Axis’ focus on and commitment to continuous innovation. Axis has received numerous recognitions across the industry in 2022:

● CRN: Tech Innovator Awards | Best SSE platform

● CISO Choice Awards: Best SASE Solution

● SaaS Awards: Most Innovative SaaS Security Solution

● Golden Bridge Business and Innovation Awards: Most Innovative Security Services Company

● Cyber Defense Magazine (CDM): Most Innovative in Zero Trust and Best Product in Access Control

● IT World Awards: Gold Award for Startup of the Year – Security Services

About Axis Security

Axis’ vision is to bring harmony to workplace connectivity and that the sooner IT adopts zero trust, the sooner we can witness a world where the exchange of information is always fast, seamless, and secure. With 350 Axis cloud service edges across the world, Axis helps IT leaders enable their employees, partners, and customers to securely access business data without the pitfalls of network-centric solutions or application limitations that every other zero trust service faces. Through its world-class research and development and founding team which hails from Israel’s acclaimed Unit 8200, Axis aims to accelerate the world’s transition to a modern workplace where hybrid work is made simple, digital experience becomes a competitive advantage and business data remains protected from cyber threats even as it moves to the cloud. For more information, visit Follow us on Twitter and on Linkedin

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