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Modernize your Security Operations with Elastic Security

Cybersecurity is evolving. Protection needs to be dynamic. Investigation… faster. An effective response requires accurate context. Modernizing your security operations with Elastic extends security visibility, uncovers potential threats, and integrates with existing security systems — for a swift and proactive response. Everything you need on one open and unified platform, built for the hybrid cloud. Elastic Security empowers your business to achieve more even in the most complex digital environments.

See it in action: Privacy-first generative AI with Elastic

Get a look at the power of Elasticsearch and generative AI (GAI) in action — always putting privacy first and safeguarding your proprietary data. Several examples show off the art of the possible, with intuitive, personalized results you can’t achieve with just publicly available data.

RCA Series: Root Cause Analysis Overview

Root cause analysis plays an important role in web applications, IT operations, security, and industrial OT. This video series explains general approaches to root cause analysis and how Elastic accelerates the process with visualizations and dashboards, machine learning to detect anomalies and classify conditions, and interactive tools that empower analysts to drill into additional information that lead to root cause of potential system issues and security incidents.