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Assessing the Value of Network Segmentation from a Business Application Perspective

The concept of micro-segmentation as an approach to cloud-native security has gained traction among security experts but being able to deliver it operationally is still seen as work in progress by network and SecOps teams. This research looks at the current state of micro-segmentation and sheds light on the merits of an application-centric approach to its use in enterprise environments. Its main topics delve into the core issues that dominate the cybersecurity conversation today.

6 best practices to stay secure in the hybrid cloud

Every year we witness more organizations of all sizes investing more in the cloud. A recent report by the Cloud Security Alliance and AlgoSec shows that over half of organizations are running 41% or more of their workload in the public cloud, and 62% of organizations are running multi-cloud environments. With organizations running workloads in complex hybrid networks - public, private, and on-premises networks - the security landscape is getting even more complex. There are actions you can take, though, to help you dissolve the complexities.

6 Takeaways From the 2021 Ransomware Impact Report

2021 is set to be the Year of Ransomware. As attacks rapidly spike in frequency, increasingly eye-popping ransom demands are grabbing headlines. Consumers, once relatively shielded from any impact, are experiencing product shortages and difficulty accessing services as the organizations they do business with are knocked offline.

2021 UK Cybersecurity Census

Over the last couple of years, cybersecurity has come of age. What many organisations saw as nothing more than an IT buzzword has evolved to become a function that is integral to ensuring business continuity. But what is the cybersecurity landscape reality like for businesses in the UK today? How exposed are they to the growing number of destructive cyberattacks?