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Technology-Driven VMware to OpenStack Migration: A Comprehensive Guide

The Broadcom acquisition of VMware has triggered a strategic shift for cloud deployments. Organizations are increasingly concerned about vendor lock-in and potential cost increases, prompting them to explore alternative solutions. This report analyzes the opportunity for migrating workloads from VMware to OpenStack, outlining key decision points and best practices for a successful transition.

Chapter One: The State of Vulnerability Management

Vulnerability exploitation is involved in over half of breaches, making it a huge risk to organizations. And the problem only continues to balloon year over year... both in the speed at which attackers are capitalizing on exploited vulnerabilities, and in the way that technology and assets outgrow most organization's current vulnerability management programs. In this series, we're going to be breaking down how vulnerability management has grown and evolved over time, plus how to modernize your program using things like risk-based vulnerability management.

How to Modernize Your AD Instance

Whether you want to extend your Active Directory instance to support additional capabilities, need to prepare for an eventual migration without replacing your current implementation, or are ready to move away from AD completely, we've built a roadmap for you. Find your path to modernizing Active Directory by following along with the journeys of Tyrone, Kate, and Eric, fictional IT professionals navigating three different real-world situations where AD needs an update. Grab your copy for detailed insights on the different ways you can prepare your organization to modernize AD.

State of IT 2024

2023 was a year of wild transformation, most notably with huge advances in the availability of AI technologies, persistent security threats, and economic uneasiness. But how will this affect IT professionals in the field in 2024? In this edition of the biannual SME IT Trends Report, JumpCloud surveyed 1200+ IT professionals across the U.S., U.K., and India for insights on how the industry is faring, how others working in IT are preparing for 2024, and quantitative data on IT budgets, OS usage, AI adoption, and more.