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BDRSuite Awarded G2 High Performer and Momentum Leader Badges in Summer 2024

The Summer 2024 G2 Report have been released, and BDRSuite is proud to announce that we received 17 badges! BDRSuite also achieved a remarkable 4.3-star rating on G2. This exceptional rating reflects the satisfaction of our users across various categories, including ease of use, quality of support, ease of admin, and setup.

BDRSuite Receives 2024 MSP Today Product of the Year Award

We are excited to announce that BDRSuite by Vembu has been named as a 2024 MSP Today Product of the Year Award winner by TMC’s MSP Today. This award showcases our commitment to delivering comprehensive and cost-effective backup and disaster recovery solutions to managed service providers (MSPs) and the channel.

BDRSuite v7.1.0 is Generally Available Now!

We are excited to announce that BDRSuite v7.1.0 is now generally available! This latest release brings a host of new features, enhancements, and performance improvements designed to provide even more robust and efficient data protection for your IT environment. With BDRSuite v7.1.0, users can expect enhanced backup and recovery capabilities, greater ease of use, and increased reliability.

NFS vs SMB - What's the Difference

When it comes to sharing files and resources over a network, two popular protocols that often come to mind are NFS (Network File System) and SMB (Server Message Block). Both protocols have their own strengths and weaknesses, and choosing the right one for your needs can make a big difference in terms of performance, security, and ease of use.

Data Backup Best Practices and Strategies for MSPs

Managing data effectively has never been more of an imperative for Managed Service Providers (MSPs). The one-two punch of increasing cybersecurity threats and regulatory pressures make this particularly pertinent, and with the proliferation of hybrid and remote work models, the importance of reliable data backup solutions is expanding exponentially. With all that taken into account, here are some effective strategies that will deliver continuity and resilience, while in turn maintaining client trust.

Ubuntu 24.04 is Here! Protect your Linux workloads with BDRSuite

Linux recently released Ubuntu 24.04, both Desktop and Server. They bring a lot of new features and enhancements but still require proper protection against failure. First, that includes a proper configuration and then a backup and recovery strategy. Regardless of where Ubuntu 24.04 is installed, Hyper-V, VMware, Proxmox, or bare metal, you must protect it against failure.

Understanding the Difference Between BDRSuite and BDRCloud

When it comes to backup and disaster recovery, Vembu offers two robust solutions: BDRSuite and BDRCloud. While both are designed to deliver comprehensive protection for your data, they cater for different deployment preferences. BDRSuite and BDRCloud are cost-effective and comprehensive backup and disaster recovery solution offering.

Introducing BDRSuite: Your Affordable Alternative to Rising Comet Backup Costs

As Comet Backup prices surge, many Managed Service Providers (MSPs) are seeking a cost-effective yet feature-rich backup and disaster recovery solution. BDRSuite by Vembu, the perfect choice for your data protection needs. Let’s explore why BDRSuite is gaining traction among MSPs.

UniSuper's $125 Billion Cloud Catastrophe: Google's Accidental Deletion Reinforced the Importance of Backup Solution

The recent data loss incident involving UniSuper, a major financial player and Google Cloud serves as a reminder of the importance of implementing robust backup and disaster recovery solutions. Let’s delve into the details of the incident and explore why backups are essential for safeguarding against data disasters.