Zero Trust for State and Local Government

Zero Trust for State and Local Government

Feb 13, 2022

The cybersecurity threat landscape is shifting rapidly. More than 400 ransomware attacks have hit city and county governments in the United States since 2016, crippling vital government services for weeks at a time. Those are only the publicly reported instances – the actual number is likely exponentially higher, and these attacks are growing increasingly sophisticated.

Meanwhile, high-profile threats to dams, electrical grids and other facilities, including the Colonial Pipeline attack this year, have shown the vulnerability of America’s critical infrastructure.

The disruptions of the pandemic have made security even more difficult for state and local governments. Today they face a constantly shifting security perimeter, one with countless personal connected devices and unsecured wireless networks, along with an explosion of connected sensors and Internet of Things (IoT) edge devices.

Any modern cybersecurity strategy has to be built on a framework of Zero Trust. But implementing a Zero-Trust approach can be challenging for many states and localities – especially smaller public agencies and those facing resource and budget constraints.

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