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Protect Sensitive Data When Working With Partners and Contractors

The Lookout security platform allows users to successfully collaborate with partners and vendors while keeping confidential information secure. With data loss prevention and dynamic digital rights management, users can securely collaborate with tools like Microsoft Teams, Slack, and email.

Zero Trust Summit Fireside Chat with Jim Dolce

Jim Dolce was featured on a moderated main stage discussion, alongside Francis Rose, at the Zero Trust Summit in Washington, D.C. This engaging conversation examined how to secure the edge to meet OMB Zero Trust requirements. The event gathered top government IT decision makers and influencers in-person and virtual via livestream for a day of engaging conversations on the adoption of Zero Trust.

Why Your Cloud Migration Is Causing Security Risk

You've migrated to the cloud, which has made you more efficient and agile. But this comes with new security challenges. Your data is outside your corporate network: In public clouds, on personal devices, on unsanctioned apps, and handled by networks you don't own. The more spread out your data is, the less visibility and control you have.

Remote Users - Protect Confidential Information

Greater care should be taken when transferring corporate data onto a remote user's managed endpoint. Certain types of data often require greater levels of authorization to leave the confines of the organization and managed app. When trying to download confidential information, we want to reverify the user's identity with step-up authentication. When the file is downloaded, in addition to file encryption, we also want to add a watermark and redact the confidential information.

Remote Users - Protection from Internet-Based Threats

When working remotely, users are susceptible to Internet-based threats like phishing and malware. With the Lookout Security Service Edge (SSE) platform, organizations can prevent the loss of personal information and the installation of malware by assessing each link a user tries to access, regardless of what doc or app contains the link.

Remote Users - Protect Data within Managed Apps

Organizations need to maintain security controls on corporate data regardless of where the users work location. When uploading content to a cloud storage provider, the Lookout SSE platform can help direct users to use corporate providers instead of personal. And when data is downloaded locally, the Lookout platform can protect the data outside of the managed app through encryption.