Wishes Do Come True: Fast Development, Secure Delivery

Wishes Do Come True: Fast Development, Secure Delivery

Dec 16, 2020

Organizations re-thinking their software delivery lifecycle are faced with a dilemma: how to speed up the pace of development necessary to surpass their competition, without sacrificing the security of the applications they’re delivering?

CI/CD practices and tools have risen up to help meet this need, but fitting legacy applications and security tools into these modern pipelines exposes new gaps that risk slowing release velocity.

CircleCI and Snyk help address these issues. Join us for a live demonstration to see Snyk's modern approach to application security, combined with CircleCI's delivery platform and insights capabilities, and learn how together we help organizations deliver fast, stay secure, and continuously find opportunities to optimize their delivery pipelines and processes.

You’ll learn more about:
Building a container delivery CI/CD pipeline with CircleCI
Using Snyk to fix risks introduced by open source, containers, and Infrastructure as Code (IaC)
Interpreting CircleCI Pipeline Insights, including areas of constraint and future improvement

Snyk helps software-driven businesses develop fast and stay secure. Continuously find and fix vulnerabilities for npm, Maven, NuGet, RubyGems, PyPI and more.