Who is responsible for bot management | Webinar series part-3

Who is responsible for bot management | Webinar series part-3

Sep 28, 2021

At Netacea, we wanted to know just how aware businesses are of bots and if they fully understand the threat to their organisation.

Which roles are responsible, how confident are they in their bot mitigation strategies, and how well-placed is this confidence? We surveyed 200 enterprise businesses across travel, entertainment (including online gaming and streaming), e-commerce and financial services to get a broad picture of how bots are understood and protected against.

In parts one and two, we discussed which bot attacks are considered to pose the greatest threats and which are most frequently seen by businesses in each industry.

In our final webinar, we explore what enterprise organisations are doing now to understand and address the bot problem. Has a single owner been identified? What risks are businesses exposed to when there isn’t a clear owner that understands and manages the bot problem?

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • Where are you most likely to suffer a bot attack: website, mobile app or API?
  • What proportion of your web application’s resource is consumed by bots?
  • What happens to your data after a breach?
  • Why is it vital to establish a single owner of bot management?