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MFA is better than passwords... Right? | Cybersecurity Sessions #8 with Roger Grimes

We’re told that multi-factor authentication is more secure than passwords, but in truth most MFA is susceptible to the same old threats, such as phishing and man-in-the-middle attacks. In fact, the widely championed advice to “use MFA, any MFA” could lead to a false sense of security and even more data breaches. In this episode, Andy sits down with Roger Grimes (Data-Driven Defense Evangelist, KnowBe4) to find out why MFA is vulnerable to exploitation, whether some MFAs are better than others, and what the future of secure authentication might look like.

AI in Cybersecurity - A Double-Edged Sword | Cybersecurity Sessions #7

It’s likely that we encounter artificial intelligence more often than we realize. Just as AI can be used to facilitate fraud and spread misinformation via deepfakes and sophisticated identity theft, it can also be used to develop algorithms that detect cyber-attacks in the blink of an eye. In this episode of the Cybersecurity Sessions, Andy is joined by Elaine Lee (Data Scientist, Mimecast) to delve into the benefits and risks of AI in cybersecurity, examining how artificial intelligence can be used both as an offensive weapon by adversaries and by security teams to defend against attacks.

Offensive Security | Cybersecurity Sessions #6 with Jonathan Echavarria

How can you really know what havoc hackers could wreak on your systems? By challenging them to do it and fixing the exploits they discover, of course. In this episode of the Cybersecurity Sessions, Andy finds out what it’s like to be on a ‘red team’ tasked with hacking into an employer’s own systems by any means necessary, with lauded offensive security practitioner Jonathan Echavarria (ReliaQuest).

Artificial Engagement & Ad Fraud | Cybersecurity Sessions #4

In this month’s episode, we’re talking about ad fraud and the role bots play in this lucrative space. Marketers care intensely about engagement and pay advertisers good money to get it, but how do they know they aren’t paying for visits from malicious bots? And what other kinds of harm do ad fraud bots cause businesses as a result? To find out, Andy invites Beacon’s Stewart Boutcher onto the Cybersecurity Sessions. As two CTOs focused on tackling bots, but from different perspectives, Andy and Stewart find plenty to discuss!

How Are Bots Skewing Marketing Analytics? | Bot Management Review

Click fraud is gaining prominence as a threat to marketing budgets, however many businesses are less aware of the financial impact of skewed analytics caused by such activity. If bots and real customers look just the same, what does that mean for analytics? Are marketers making good decisions, or are they basing their marketing strategies on flawed data?

Protecting customer experience for Black Friday | Cybersecurity Sessions #1

With Black Friday looming, customer experience should be one of the things keeping eCommerce managers up at night but how do performance and security overlap in ensuring retail sites are safeguarded? In this podcast, Andy Still and Deri Jones will discuss the importance of customer experience to eCommerce, and how both web performance and cybersecurity play a role in this. With Black Friday approaching, they will consider where these overlap in sometimes unexpected ways, and how typical security concerns like bots can also impact performance.

Welcome to the Cybersecurity Sessions - Podcast Trailer

Cybersecurity Sessions is a concise yet insightful monthly podcast featuring Netacea’s CTO, Andy Still, alongside other technology experts. At Netacea we are interested not just in the technology behind cyber-attacks, but also the intent. How do they affect different businesses, sectors, and even wider society? What stories are out there of cybersecurity woes and wins?

The State of Bot Attacks in 2020 | Bot Management Review Series Part 1

In 2020 the poor security of other businesses is now very much, your problem. While you might be protecting your customers’ credentials with the best possible security, lax measures elsewhere mean those very same credentials are readily accessible for purchase. Increasingly sophisticated bots are used to validate the millions of stolen credentials against login forms. And yet, these bots are no longer only targeting high-value goods and accounts but hijacking and selling streaming and food delivery accounts.