Welcome to the Cybersecurity Sessions - Podcast Trailer

Welcome to the Cybersecurity Sessions - Podcast Trailer

Oct 4, 2021

Cybersecurity Sessions is a concise yet insightful monthly podcast featuring Netacea’s CTO, Andy Still, alongside other technology experts.

At Netacea we are interested not just in the technology behind cyber-attacks, but also the intent. How do they affect different businesses, sectors, and even wider society? What stories are out there of cybersecurity woes and wins?

To find out, we invite experts from all over the tech world to share their experiences and learnings. From zero-day exploits to the dark web, scalpers to ransomware, no subject is off limits for discussion on the Cybersecurity Sessions.

Join Andy as he welcomes a new guest each month and dives headfirst into a fresh cybersecurity topic.

Learn more about Cybersecurity Sessions: A Netacea Podcast at https://www.netacea.com/podcast/.


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