Vulnerability Management with Sysdig

Vulnerability Management with Sysdig

Jun 22, 2021

Software is always changing and improving, and within this process, developers can unknowingly introduce vulnerabilities.

Discover how Sysdig Secure provides a single vulnerability management solution for both containers and hosts.

It allows you to validate compliance across your whole infrastructure.

And it's so easy to deploy, that you will be scanning images and hosts in seconds.

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00:00 Why vulnerability management is important?
00:30 Consolidating container and host scanning
00:50 Demo: Runtime image scanning
01:17 Demo: Registry image scanning
01:27 Demo: Host scanning
01:55 Demo: Vulnerability reports
02:22 Demo: Vulnerability alerts
02:56 Demo: Image scanning policies for CI/CD pipelines
03:25 Demo: Image scanning on admission controller
03:38 Conclusion