Viking Yachts Protects Intellectual Property From a Departing Employee (Case Study) | CurrentWare

Viking Yachts Protects Intellectual Property From a Departing Employee (Case Study) | CurrentWare

“CurrentWare saved us a lot of time and money; when the employee was questioned about the data transfer they folded. I cannot thank all of you enough for this software. Being able to audit removable drives is invaluable.”

A lot has changed in the world since our first case study interview in 2021 with Vincent (Vinny) Pecoreno, the Network Administrator for Viking Yachts.

In this video, we’ve followed up with Vinny to talk more about how the company has adapted to a remote workforce during COVID-19 and share more details about the employee data theft attempt that was detected by CurrentWare’s USB control software AccessPatrol.


As the network administrator for Viking Yachts, Vincent Pecoreno knows his network and his people like the back of his hand. As the company grew he was responsible for supporting over 350 users and 1500 devices, making visibility a challenge without the right tools in place.

To continue supporting the employees that make Viking Yachts’ vision of quality yachts possible, Vincent knew that he needed solutions for monitoring and controlling internet use and the flow of data in the company.

After some searching, Vincent was delighted to have found the CurrentWare team. With CurrentWare he received more than quality software; he got the expertise and professionalism that the Viking Yachts team looks for when selecting their partners.

When an employee in their company put in their 3-weeks notice, Vincent was tasked with auditing their USB activity with AccessPatrol. To his dismay, he found evidence of a large data transfer to a portable storage device coming from the employee’s account.

Once confronted with the evidence, the employee confessed to their crimes. Without the visibility provided by AccessPatrol, the soon-to-be-ex employee would have gotten away with stealing confidential intellectual property and using it to gain favor with a competing company.

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