Unify endpoint and network evidence

Unify endpoint and network evidence

Apr 29, 2022

Unmanaged endpoints, vendor security appliances, cloud instances, and IoT devices often lack endpoint protection, creating hiding places that attackers exploit. Using Humio to correlate Falcon endpoint data with Corelight network evidence improves detection capabilities for all of your devices, and makes investigators and hunters faster.

The network provides visibility into every connected device; yet it cannot be seen, tampered with, or avoided by attackers. When combined with the depth of endpoint intelligence, the breadth of network data gives you a durable competitive advantage over attackers.

This webcast offers practical examples of how your security teams can utilize an open network and detection platform to quickly gain greater intelligence from Falcon data without breaking your budget as you eliminate blind spots and reduce risk.

Watch this webcast to learn:

  • How to leverage detections and IOCs across endpoints and networks
  • How to respond quickly and decisively to Falcon alerts using Corelight evidence
  • A free and fun way to get started at home