Thinking Like a Threat Actor: Hunting the Ghost in the Machine

Thinking Like a Threat Actor: Hunting the Ghost in the Machine

Feb 24, 2022

An advanced adversary has bypassed the perimeter defenses, moved inside the environment, and become a literal ghost in the machine, free to move from system to system.... searching for its next target.

This is a scenario that every SOC fears, and it presents a daunting threat hunting challenge. But, as we will demonstrate, it doesn't have to.

Watch and learn from our hunt team as they perform in-depth technical techniques to hunt across the network on the trail of this unknown adversary. The team will demonstrate how organizations can overcome network blind spots and hunt, discover, and disrupt their attacks through a correlation of NDR and EDR platforms. You will also experience the attack from the adversarial POV, including execution, lateral movement, and privilege escalation.

This technical webinar will cover:

  • A hands-on-keyboard scenario of a motivated and capable adversary targeting an organization.
  • Use realistic exploits, tactics, and offensive security tools to simulate adversary TTPs and demonstrate how organizations can hunt for them.
  • A practical threat hunting session demonstrating actual behavioral hunting that walks participants through how the attack was carried out and how they can hunt for this behavior in their environments.
  • The vital role visibility plays in threat hunting and how combining network and endpoint telemetry can help organizations hunt for this activity.
  • Strategies that organizations and hunt teams can use today to strengthen their defenses.