Sysdig Talks 2022 Threat Landscape (Live)

Sysdig Talks 2022 Threat Landscape (Live)

Oct 18, 2022

Is your organization ready to pay an additional $430,000 cloud bill as a result of cryptojacking?

The Sysdig Threat Research Team recently released the 2022 Sysdig Cloud-Native Threat Report, which details the cost of cryptojacking, the reality of software supply chain risks, and how hacktivism has become a prominent feature in cyber warfare.

While the motives of hackers have not changed, they have adjusted their attack patterns and tactics to penetrate cloud environments more effectively.
Fortify your cloud by understanding the current threat landscape and identifying defense strategies.

During this live event, Sysdig’s Director of Thought Leadership Anna Belak and our Director of Threat Research Michael Clark will examine questions like:
➤ Why is the low risk, high reward of cryptojacking so enticing?
➤ How do threat actors leverage modern technology?
➤ What role does cybercrime play in global politics?

Download the full report: