The State of Open Source Security Management RSA 2019

The State of Open Source Security Management RSA 2019

Apr 19, 2020

It is no secret - open source has become the main building block in modern applications, and it is almost impossible to develop software at today's pace without it.

However, as the open source community grows, and the number of reported vulnerabilities keeps climbing, manually verifying the security and compliance of open source components can no longer provide the necessary control over the security of these components.

Join Rami Sass for a video interview at RSA Conference 2019 to learn more about:

  • Why open source is being so widely embraced by enterprises for their development nowadays?
  • Why should organizations take steps toward open source vulnerability management?
  • What are the risks when it comes to using open source components? Are open source libraries riskier than proprietary code?
  • For those businesses that are ready to implement open source management and security, where should they start?
  • Where does WhiteSource see open source usage moving in the next 5 years? What are going to be the challenges that companies are going to require solutions for managing better?