Stalkerware Exposed | Cybersecurity Sessions #16 with Martijn Grooten

Stalkerware Exposed | Cybersecurity Sessions #16 with Martijn Grooten

Feb 9, 2023

Our reliance on personal mobile devices leaves us vulnerable to attack; not just from anonymous criminal groups, but in some cases, from those closest to us. Stalkerware, a category of apps designed to secretly monitor the unsuspecting victim whose device they’re installed on, are a growing concern for security and privacy advocates, as well as law enforcement agencies.

This month on the Cybersecurity Sessions podcast, we talk to Martijn Grooten from the Coalition Against StalkerWare to expose how technology has become a tool for abusers to control their victims, and hopefully shed some light on what we can do to stop this from happening.

If you or someone you know is affected by stalkerware or anything covered in this episode, you may find the following resources useful:

Martijn Grooten - Digital Security Threat Analyst, Internews

Martijn Grooten, a former mathematician, has been working in IT security for 14 years. He is a Digital Security Threat Analyst at Internews and a fellow at the Civilsphere Lab. He was previously the Editor of Virus Bulletin and currently works as a consultant on several projects, many of which deal with supporting vulnerable people and groups with digital security, including the DeStalk Project and the Coalition Against Stalkerware.

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