Software Bill of Materials (SBOM) of the Future Webinar

Software Bill of Materials (SBOM) of the Future Webinar

Nov 17, 2021

Destructive supply-chain attacks like SolarWinds, Kaseya, and Colonial Pipeline have placed a spotlight on how just one piece of vulnerable software can have devastating effects if exploited.

In light of these incidents, the White House recently issued a directive that requires software sellers to provide federal procurement agents with a software bill of materials (SBOM) for each software application. An SBOM is a list of every software component that comprises an application and includes every library in the application’s code, as well as services, dependencies, compositions, and extensions.

Private sector companies are also increasingly required to have SBOMs as many large enterprises now demand them as a part of their Master Service Agreement (MSA) with a software provider. Security industry analysts believe SBOMs will soon become standard practice as part of the procurement process.

But how do you get started with creating an SBOM? What essential “ingredients” do you need to include? Join Rezilion’s Field CTO, Curtis Barker and Rezilion's Head of Product, Omri Lahav for an overview of how to get started with establishing and maintaining SBOMs. To learn more, visit