Securing Google Cloud Platform with Sysdig

Securing Google Cloud Platform with Sysdig

Oct 22, 2021

Together with Google Cloud, Sysdig reduces your cloud security risk. So you can confidently run your workloads on Google Cloud.

Get started in minutes with Sysdig SaaS, and simplify security, compliance, and monitoring.

Accelerate your growth with NO backend data management.

Sysdig is your centralized safe place to enhance cloud security posture.

  • Track down configuration drift automatically.
  • Track down suspicious activity automatically.
  • And flag compliance violations

# Threat detection
Plug in Google Cloud Audit logs
And get started quickly with our out-of-the-box Falco rules

# And more!

  • Risk and compliance as code.
  • Plug security events into Chronicle, and accelerate your response to threats.
  • Ready to secure GKE, Anthos and more.

A SaaS first approach to Secure DevOps
Now available on Google Cloud Marketplace

Try our free tier today!

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