Secure Coding with IntelliJ

Secure Coding with IntelliJ

Apr 15, 2021

How can I do security in IntelliJ?
Is there a security code scanner for IntelliJ?
How can I test for security in Java?
Is there a Snyk plug-in for IntelliJ?

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We know that IntelliJ IDEA is the most favorite and commonly used IDE in the Java landscape and a lot of developers practically live in their integrated development environment (IDE). A good IDE is like a swiss army knife; it is your go-to tool to do almost everything. Let’s see how we can integrate security and secure development into IntelliJ IDEA using this new Snyk plugin.

0:00​ Introduction
0:24​ Install the Snyk plugin for the IntelliJ marketplace
0:43 Authenticate the plugin with your free Snyk account
0:53​ Scan your project
0:56​ Open source vulnerability in snakeyaml
1:21​ Code security scanning in IntelliJ IDEA
1:29​ Path traversal vulnerability in my code found
1:58​ SQL injection found in my code my Snyk
2:29​ Solving an XSS vulnerability found by Snyk Code
2:53​ Code quality issues found by the Snyk plugin in IntelliJ IDEA
2:53​ Outro

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Secure coding with Snyk’s new JetBrains IDE plugin:

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