SANS 2022 Cloud Security Survey

SANS 2022 Cloud Security Survey

Mar 23, 2022

The state of cloud security is evolving. Many organizations are implementing new and more advanced cloud security services that offer cloud-focused controls and capabilities, including services and tools that provide network connectivity and security for end users and office locations, security monitoring and policy controls, and identity services, among others.

The SANS 2022 Cloud Security Survey explores the types of services organizations are using, what types of controls and tools provide the most value, and how effective cloud security brokering is for a range of use cases. The survey focuses on:

  • Cloud security skills gaps and requirements
  • Cloud security automation
  • Cloud security operations guardrails, tools, and processes
  • Cloud security threats and incidents

Link to survey:

What can you expect?
New for 2022 we are excited to have Dave Shackleford joined by a panel of industry experts for a live, information packed 2-hour event you don’t want to miss. Dave will review and discuss insights from:

  • The 2022 Cloud Security Survey key findings
  • Industry leaders will present expert strategies and actionable recommendations
  • Panel discussion with live Q&A to answer your questions