Relative Maintenance Windows - Patch FAQs - Tanium Tech Talks #80

Relative Maintenance Windows - Patch FAQs - Tanium Tech Talks #80

Feb 7, 2024

See how to automatically download and deploy patches to your own pre-defined patch rings in today's Patch FAQ, using the new relative maintenance windows feature. Set-it-and-forget-it!

This is the trifecta of zero-touch patching: relative maintenance windows, relative patch lists, and on-going deployments. Combine that with dynamic computer groups via tags or randomization for the ultimate experience of patch automation for #Windows and #Linux.

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Zero Touch Patching
Docs: Setting maintenance windows for Windows and Linux endpoints
Tanium Certification


00:00 Intro

01:14 Meet Jason

02:00 Relative Patch Lists

03:10 Patch Tuesday Rhythm

04:36 Install & Uninstall Fast

05:09 Relative Maintenance Windows

06:42 Full Zero Touch Patching

07:08 Documentation

07:27 DEMO Relative Maintenance Windows

09:49 DEMO Dynamic Patch Rings

11:02 Angels singing!

11:18 DEMO Dynamic Computer Groups - Tags

14:35 DEMO Dynamic Computer Groups - Random

16:22 Summary

18:00 Tanium Certification TCPEM

18:50 Wrap