Reducing vulnerability noise with Sysdig

Reducing vulnerability noise with Sysdig

Apr 20, 2022

Reduce vulnerability noise by up to 95%, and focus on what matters with Sysdig.

If you feel overloaded with vulnerabilities from container images, then you’re not alone! It's common for DevOps teams to spend hours scrolling through hundreds of vulnerabilities even when just a small fraction poses a real risk.

So how do you focus on the vulnerabilities that really matter?

Sysdig Secure automatically prioritizes the vulnerabilities that are tied to packages exposed at runtime. Filtering thousands of overwhelming alerts down to only the critical ones that you should spend your time on!

No resources wasted on guesswork.

Let’s see how Sysdig helps you to find, focus and fix the vulnerabilities that matter to you.

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00:30 How Sysdig helps reduce vulnerability noise

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