Protecting customer experience for Black Friday | Cybersecurity Sessions #1

Protecting customer experience for Black Friday | Cybersecurity Sessions #1

Nov 18, 2021

With Black Friday looming, customer experience should be one of the things keeping eCommerce managers up at night but how do performance and security overlap in ensuring retail sites are safeguarded?

In this podcast, Andy Still and Deri Jones will discuss the importance of customer experience to eCommerce, and how both web performance and cybersecurity play a role in this. With Black Friday approaching, they will consider where these overlap in sometimes unexpected ways, and how typical security concerns like bots can also impact performance.

Deri Jones, CEO, ThinkTribe

A serial tech entrepreneur, Deri started with a degree in Electronics from Cambridge University, led the marketing at the Fibre Optics networking pioneer, and played a key role in the UK’s first internet provider. He is now CEO at ThinkTribe, helping 50 blue-chips with the increasing challenge to ensure their users' CX is a fast and error-free experience whilst the digital technology becomes more complex.

Key points

  • The rise of Black Friday as a peak trading phenomenon online
  • How the wide range of marketing add-ons affects website performance and security
  • The challenge of testing websites when so much is constantly changing
  • How threats like scraper bots can damage web performance and customer experience at peak times

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