Protecting And Recovering Cloud Load Balancers

Protecting And Recovering Cloud Load Balancers

Aug 23, 2023

Unlike other cloud providers that offer their own closed source backup services, AWS EKS simply recommends using open source tool, Velero. However, as one of the first companies to fully integrate with AWS EKS, CloudCasa saw a gap in the market, enabling users to still leverage the power of open source with Velero while offering a SaaS management solution for enterprises that aimed to simplify the backup process.

In this episode of TFiR: Let’s See, CloudCasa Chief Operating Officer Sathya Sankaran and Software Engineer MD Islam, joined us to talk about the organization’s motivation to help support people using Velero and how they are helping enterprises with their Kubernetes backups. Islam goes on to give a demo of CloudCasa for Velero and talk about its core features.

Sankaran talks about how things have been going since they made the switch to Velero. He explains how everyone’s journey starts with open source and their motivation to enable people to use CloudCasa’s solution without making them switch away from open source. He talks about their involvement in Velero’s ecosystem.

CloudCasa was one of the first companies to fully integrate with the AWS EKS service. Sankaran talks about how EKS recommends Velero for doing backups with their ecosystem and how CloudCasa supports the management and control of that on top of EKS. He explains how they also deliver agentless backups with EKS and how that works.
Although AWS offers container backups which support five or six workloads, EKS and Kubernetes are not one of them and they rather recommend Velero. Sankaran talks about how CloudCasa helps to fill that gap.

Sankaran discusses why protecting and restoring network and load balancer configurations are so crucial. He talks about how CloudCasa helps capture all the information and enable it to be mapped to a different account, region, or route provider to avoid someone needing to manually configure everything.

Islam does a demo of how to do a backup of an EKS cluster along with all the associated AWS resources like VPC subnets, then taking the backup and doing a restore from it.