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Velero Backup Essentials: Choosing What Works Best for You

Velero supports multiple types of backups including backups of resource specs, PV snapshots, backups of live PV data, and backups of PV snapshots. In this webinar, we will explain each of these methods in more detail and describe when each is appropriate and why you should pick one over another. The topic of which backup method to use elicits a lot of questions in the Velero forums and among our own user base, and we intend for this webinar to help clarify the matter.

Protecting And Recovering Cloud Load Balancers

Unlike other cloud providers that offer their own closed source backup services, AWS EKS simply recommends using open source tool, Velero. However, as one of the first companies to fully integrate with AWS EKS, CloudCasa saw a gap in the market, enabling users to still leverage the power of open source with Velero while offering a SaaS management solution for enterprises that aimed to simplify the backup process.

Getting Started with Persistent Volumes

This is the first of our series on Velero – the open source Kubernetes backup and recovery tool. While it’s powerful and flexible, the initial setup can be daunting to a beginner. Persistent Volumes also require CSI configuration, which varies from provider to provider. In this webinar, we will present all the information you need to get started with Velero. We will walk through the following configuration accompanied by a live demonstration.

CloudCasa Partners With Clastix To Ready Namespace-as-a-Service For Mass Adoption

With Kubernetes, companies have the ability to spin up applications with the click of a button or a declarative one-line command statement. As they spin up the services, they are hosting them within clusters, but they do not really want to deploy multiple clusters for each application or service that they’re looking to host within their website or within their application.

CloudCasa Is Making It Easy To Use Velero | Ryan Kaw At KubeCon+CloudNativeCon

Ryan Kaw, Vice President of Global Sales at CloudCasa by Catalogic, joined Swapnil Bhartiya, Founder and Editor-in-Chief of TFiR, at KubeCon + CloudNativeCon EU to deep dive into the availability of CloudCasa for Velero, which addresses problems around multi-cluster management, alerting and reporting, and provides enhanced recovery capabilities through a new user interface. CloudCasa recognizes that a lot of people are already using Velero in their environments, so the company decided to meet them where they are. The solution is compatible and complementary to Velero and the integration is non-disruptive.

Trust And Community Collaboration Drive Open Source Adoption In The Cloud

CloudCasa by Catalogic is a cloud-native backup service that protects Kubernetes and cloud-native data. In this episode of TFiR: T3M, Swapnil Bhartiya sits down with Sathya Sankaran, Chief Operating Officer at CloudCasa by Catalogic, to talk about the factors driving open-source adoption and the role CloudCasa by Catalogic is playing in the open-source ecosystem.

TFiR Let's Talk! Recovery of Velero Backups to AKS & EKS

Sebastian Glab, Cloud Architect at CloudCasa, shows you how CloudCasa for Velero allows Velero users to manage their cluster using our software as a service platform. By plugging directly into Velero, CloudCasa provides user friendly, intuitive UI for Kubernetes cluster management utilizing Velero as the backup tool. Users can centrally manage their current backups and configuration across multiple clusters and cloud providers (AKS, EKS and GKE) in one place. They don't have to jump across different environments, access different clusters to see what's going on, they can simply go to Cloud Casa, and manage everything from there.