Protect Your iOS Keeper Vault with FIDO2 WebAuthn and Yubikey NFC

Protect Your iOS Keeper Vault with FIDO2 WebAuthn and Yubikey NFC

Mar 24, 2022

Keeper provides advanced vault protection using device verification, first-factor authentication through either Master Password or Single Sign-On, and second factor authentication through hardware based security keys like the YubiKey.

Security keys provide the highest level of protection by requiring hardware authentication in addition to your password at login. The Keeper iOS app supports Yubikey FIDO2/WebAuthn security keys with a Lightning connector or NFC.

To enable a Yubikey on your iOS device, tap the settings tab on your Keeper app. Select Two-Factor Authentication and tap Security Keys. In the Security Keys settings, tap Add New. When asked to Register your Security Key, type a name for your Yubikey and tap Register. You will be asked to choose your security key activation method.

NFC, or near field communication, allows communication between two electronic devices by holding the two devices in close proximity, such as your iOS device and an NFC enabled Yubikey. Users who own an NFC enabled yubikey may choose "Scan NFC" which will allow you to simply hold your security key near your phone and be authenticated. If your Yubikey does not support NFC, select insert and touch.

In this demonstration, we will choose an NFC enabled Yubikey. When prompted, bring your security key near the top edge of the back of your phone.

After a successful scan, you may be prompted to enter a pin for your security key, if you have one set up previously. Enter your pin and tap verify. A FIDO2 PIN can be set on a YubiKey with Yubico’s open source tool YubiKey Manager linked in the description. Rescan your NFC enabled Yubikey. Tap ok when notified your registration was successful.

Yubikey Manager:

To test successful registration of your Yubikey. Tap logout in the settings screen. Login to keeper and you will be prompted to scan your Yubikey. Scan your Yubikey to enter your vault.

To learn more about Keeper please consult our user guide or contact support.

Yubikey troubleshooting: