Optimizing Returns from Your Cyber Risk Program

Optimizing Returns from Your Cyber Risk Program

Jan 12, 2024

In today’s economic environment, nearly every department in every organization across the globe is being challenged to do more with less. Meanwhile, digital footprints continue to grow and sprawl and cyber attackers look to take advantage of vulnerable infrastructure. Organizations need to assess how they can be more resourceful as they look to maintain a best-in-class cyber risk program and continue to meet business expectations.

The first step to managing your cyber risk program is to have full visibility of your organization’s extended attack surface and the risk that comes with it. And, you need the ability to communicate your strategy and program performance to stakeholders like the Board – this is more important than ever with the adoption of new SEC Regulations.

Join Gregory Keshian and Vanessa Jankowski as they dive into:

  • How to maximize the value of your organization’s current tools while fending off cyber threats
  • How continuously monitoring your extended attack surface can help identify priorities to reduce exposure and secure your infrastructure
  • The importance of communicating effectively with the Board and how to speak their language
  • Driving accountability both internally and externally, and how recent changes to SEC regulations may have an impact