One Time Share

One Time Share

May 2, 2022

One-Time Share Encryption Model Documentation:

Keeper One-Time Share provides time-limited secure sharing of a record to anyone without the recipient having to create a Keeper account. One-Time Share is the most secure way to send confidential information to a friend, family member or [co-worker] without exposing sensitive information over email, text message or messaging.

For Business and Enterprise users, enable One-Time Share in the Admin Console. Click Admin, Select a Node and Click Roles. Select a role that you would like to enable One Time Share for and click Enforcement Policies. Click Sharing and Uploading and ensure the “Prevent creating One-Time Sharing” policy is toggled off. One-Time sharing will now be available for users of the selected role.

To share a record using One-Time Share, access your Web Vault and select a record you would like to share. From the Options menu for the selected record, click One Time Share. Click Create One-Time Share to create the link. You will be asked to choose a duration for your share. Duration defaults to one hour and is limited to a maximum of 90 days. You may either copy the link to quickly send the share or, to provide the recipient with more detailed instructions, click Copy Invitation. The invitation will show on screen. Paste the invitation into an email, SMS, chat app, or any other out-of-band channel. Existing One-Time Shares of the selected record can be managed in the One-Time Share history.

The recipient of a One-Time Share simply clicks on the provided link and is instantly presented with the shared record.

One-Time Shares utilize Keeper's Zero-Knowledge encryption technology, so they’re secure by design. To learn about our encryption model, follow the link in the description.