Offensive Security | Cybersecurity Sessions #6 with Jonathan Echavarria

Offensive Security | Cybersecurity Sessions #6 with Jonathan Echavarria

Apr 7, 2022

How can you really know what havoc hackers could wreak on your systems? By challenging them to do it and fixing the exploits they discover, of course. In this episode of the Cybersecurity Sessions, Andy finds out what it’s like to be on a ‘red team’ tasked with hacking into an employer’s own systems by any means necessary, with lauded offensive security practitioner Jonathan Echavarria (ReliaQuest).

Jonathan Echavarria, Enterprise Architect at ReliaQuest
Jonathan has held various positions with responsibilities ranging from penetration testing, red teaming, security operations enablement, devops, automation, malware analysis, and security architecture; previously, he worked for Facebook as an Offensive Security Engineer, where he conducted a variety of offensive operations targeting the organization. Jonathan often speaks at various security conferences on topics such as cybercrime, state-sponsored operations, and smart home security.

Key points

  • The difference between penetration testing and offensive security
  • The advantages of introducing a red team to any business
  • How to apply red teaming practices across all stages of the tech lifecycle
  • The ethical implications of ‘attacking’ your own organization

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