The Netacea Virtual Waiting Room

The Netacea Virtual Waiting Room

Oct 2, 2018

Netacea’s Virtual Waiting Room is a cloud-based service that sits in front of your website, mobile app and APIs, controlling the flow of visitors. Guarantee a positive customer omni-channel experience even under extreme conditions such as Black Friday.


The use of online services has revolutionised the way we consume everything every day, which has made life great!

What’s not so great though is when these services cannot meet the consumer demand that they generate, and then become unavailable.

Web presence and visibility is key to the success of the modern business.

But when your consumers outweigh what your site is able to handle, people start to lose confidence in you, your platform and your brand, something that no business wants to happen.

At Netacea, we pride ourselves on having the technology to ensure that these problems don’t occur.

By establishing a secure, fair, first in, first out waiting room system, we can control the flow of traffic onto your site so that availability isn’t threatened & performance isn’t impacted.

By using our virtual waiting room to reduce load on your potential bottlenecks, each visitor is only allowed through once the resources have become available.

You can even keep them updated with their progress in real time.
This helps you maintain a good customer experience, loyalty to your brand isn’t diminished, and conversions are more likely to occur.

This makes life great again.

What’s more, our technology works regardless of access method, be that pc or even mobile, Netacea has you covered.

Our Customers come from a wide range of industries such as E-com, Ticketing, Gaming, Travel, Education, even Banking.

Get in touch with us today to find out how we can help assist your business.