Microsoft Office Updates - Patch FAQs - Tanium Tech Talks #78

Microsoft Office Updates - Patch FAQs - Tanium Tech Talks #78

Jan 17, 2024

In this installment of the Tanium Patch FAQ series we learn how to automatically update Microsoft Office 365 apps across #Windows and #MacOS.

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Managing Microsoft Office 365 Apps with Tanium
Enhancements to the Deploy Gallery Office Click-to-Run packages


00:00 Intro

01:08 Meet Jason

01:28 Your first version of Office?

02:45 Your favorite Office app?

03:49 Different Office versions

05:05 Click-to-run

05:57 DEMO Deploy Predefined Package Gallery

07:42 File distribution

08:48 DEMO Version channels

09:20 DEMO Deployment

09:56 Update app vs central deployment

11:14 Office GPO & policy in Enforce

11:40 DEMO Automatic software update bundle

13:08 DEMO Pre-cache install files

13:48 DEMO Customized installs

15:26 Automatic latest version updates

17:00 DEMO Reporting dashboard

18:23 Wrap up & resources

19:37 Tanium Certification