Keeper Secrets Manager

Keeper Secrets Manager

Jul 28, 2022

Most dev teams struggle with managing and protecting secrets. That's why we created Keeper Secrets Manager. It's a fully cloud-based, Zero-Knowledge platform for managing all of your infrastructure secrets such as API keys, Database passwords, cloud access keys, certificates, SSH keys, service account passwords and any other type of confidential data.

Typically what we see happening in companies large and small is that secrets are distributed and stored all over the place - they're hard-coded directly into software, in plaintext configuration files, S3 buckets, CI/CD tools, checked into source code repos, sitting on a developer's workstation, and the list goes on and on. It gets even worse when you are handling hybrid cloud or multi-cloud environments so you end up duplicating these secrets into separate data stores in each environment and making the attack surface larger and larger.

If a secret needs to be rotated - for example if an API key or a Database password or certificate needs updating - you risk taking down your entire production system... and you may not even know where the secrets are used!

Traditionally, products like Hashicorp Vault try to solve this problem by providing you with vault servers that have to be hosted, configured with storage engines, peering, HA, and you're really just trading one problem for another set of problems.

Other products in the market make you install a proxy service that has to be run in your infrastructure which adds complexity, maintenance and security issues.

This is where Keeper shines. Keeper Secrets Manager provides an elegant and secure solution for managing your team's secrets that is built on our Zero Knowledge and Cloud-based model.

So in Keeper's model, all your servers, devops tools, dev environments and source code retrieve secrets from an encrypted API endpoint. The device pulls ciphertext from the endpoint and the secrets are decrypted locally on each device. Each secret is encrypted with a 256-bit AES key and all of the keys are wrapped by additional layers of AES and Elliptic Curve keys. You don't have to deal with the crypto because our SDKs handle that transparently for you.

There are many benefits to using Keeper for managing your secrets. We have millions of users and thousands of Enterprises that are already using our Zero-Knowledge platform for managing all of their passwords and confidential data. So Secrets Manager is a natural extension of the platform made for developers.

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