Keeper | MSP

Keeper | MSP

Jul 28, 2022

Add New Revenue and Improve Security with Password Management as a Service.

Generate incremental revenue by providing industry-leading password security to your customers with KeeperMSP, the most secure cybersecurity platform for preventing password-related data breaches and cyberthreats, designed exclusively for MSPs and their customers.

Grow your Business and Protect your Customers by Partnering with Keeper
KeeperMSP provides a powerful and easy-to-use platform enabling you to protect your customers’ and your MSP’s own passwords and sensitive data in secure, encrypted vaults. You can provision, manage and audit all of your customers from a central admin console, while still maintaining stringent privacy and security policies for all users.

SMBs are the primary attack target for cybercriminals.

  • 67% of SMBs experienced a cyberattack in 2018
  • 81%of data breaches are due to weak password security
  • $7M is the average cost of a data breach

A must-have product for your MSP business

Protect Passwords, Credentials and Metadata

Store and manage your customers’ and your MSP’s own passwords, credentials, files and private data.

Generate New Revenue Streams

Earn recurring licensing revenue for password security management, monitoring and ancillary services.

Increase Customer Satisfaction

Strengthen your customer relationships by adding high-value, high-margin service to your MSP capabilities.

Enhance Compliance and Reporting

Become a trusted cybersecurity advisor to your customers by gaining visibility into their password security and enforcing robust policies.