Keeper 101: Time Limited Access with Keeper + Indent

Keeper 101: Time Limited Access with Keeper + Indent

Mar 22, 2023

For more information and to configure the Keeper + Indent integration:

Indent is an elegant partner solution that enables Keeper enterprise users to easily request time-limited or permanent access to cloud applications and infrastructure, including Keeper enterprise teams. Access is granted when users request membership to Azure or Okta groups that correspond to a Keeper team through an Indent form.

Here’s how it works. When someone needs access to a record, from the Indent console or through a Slack integration, the user will request access to the desired group, specify a reason they need access, and request either permanent access or an access duration.

The request is automatically routed to a designated approver, based on your organization’s security and compliance policies. Once they’ve received a request, the approver reviews the petition and sets the access duration or accepts the user requested duration. If preferred, users can instantly receive time-bound access based on attributes such as on-call status. All steps in the process are logged for auditing and compliance purposes.

Once access is granted, the Keeper Admin Console will show the approved user as a member of the requested team.

Access may also be revoked at any time by an approver. When access is revoked, the petitioner will be removed from the team they had previously been approved for.

To configure Indent for use with Keeper, Administrators must have team provisioning configured through SCIM with Keeper and either Azure or Okta, then simply follow integration instructions allowing Indent to work with the organization’s identity provider.