Keeper 101 - Native App Filler

Keeper 101 - Native App Filler

Jun 30, 2022

Keeper can automatically fill fields in any native application using a set of custom keystrokes.

The Native App Filler is a new field type that can be added to a record on the Keeper Desktop application. The Native App Filler function includes a Title match and a Record match field. The Title match looks at the application title or program name. The Record match looks at the contents of the screen using OCR scanning and will select a matching record only when the Title matches. The "Auto-Type Keystrokes" field allows you to initiate a specific keystroke sequence utilizing portions of the record and any other keyboard actions. The Auto-Type Keystrokes can contain many different keystroke elements. A table of the supported keystrokes can be found in our user guide.

When you launch an application that matches the Application Title or Program Name field, the KeeperFill for Apps system tray icon will change from the Keeper logo to a lock icon. At that point, hitting the assigned hotkey will initiate the Auto-Type keystroke filling sequence. In this example, the "Zoom" app name is matched, and the username, Tab, and password are automatically filled when the user hits the hotkey "ctrl+shift+M".

By default, the Native App Filler hotkey is set to Ctrl/Cmd + Shift + M. To change the hotkey, simply go to Settings, KeeperFill, and Configure “KeeperFill for Apps.”

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