Keeper 101 - How to Autofill Passwords and Forms With KeeperFill

Keeper 101 - How to Autofill Passwords and Forms With KeeperFill

Apr 12, 2024


KeeperFill is Keeper’s powerful, autofilling feature that works across all devices, allowing you to automatically and securely enter your usernames, passwords, passkeys, 2FA codes and more. I

KeeperFill is available for every web browser including: Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge, Opera, Brave and any other Chromium-based browser.


You can download KeeperFill from our website’s “Download” page. If you are on a Chrome or Edge browser, like I am here, be sure to "Pin" the extension to ensure it's always visible in your browser window.

Logging In

Once installed, the Keeper icon will appear in your web browser window. Logging into your Web Vault will simultaneously log you into KeeperFill and vice versa. Once you’ve successfully logged into KeeperFill, the Keeper icon will illuminate and you can begin autofilling your passwords at the sites you visit.

“Stay Logged In” Feature

Keeper's "Stay Logged In" feature allows you to remain logged into your vault between browser and computer restarts and can be enabled by visiting Settings and Security. For security reasons, we recommend setting a reasonable “ Inactivity Logout Timer” duration when "Stay Logged In" is enabled.

Toolbar Overview

The search bar allows you to quickly search for a website login or anything else stored in your vault. The search feature is case insensitive and will match any record within your vault as you type.

All records in your vault that match the current website are conveniently listed at the top of the toolbar as “Matching Records”.

The “Generate Password” button will automatically generate a secure password that you can either copy, or use to create a new record.

Autofill Logins & Passwords

Now, I will demonstrate how KeeperFill automatically fills your login and password when visiting a website. Here Keeper recognizes the website I’m on by matching the website URL to a record I've saved in my vault. Now watch as my credentials are seamlessly autofilled into the login form and I am logged in.


Keeper’s Browser Extension also allows you to create passkeys to log into supported websites. A passkey is a cryptographic key that lets you log in to your accounts and apps without having to enter a password or a second factor.

To create a passkey for a site, typically you'll need to visit the "Security" or "Account Settings" screen of the website. Clicking "Sign in with a Passkey" initiates the passkey login process with Keeper. Click "Use Passkey" when prompted by Keeper and you'll be logged in.

Create a New Record

You can also use KeeperFill to seamlessly create new records. When visiting a new site, Keeper will present you with a list of recognized email addresses to use for the login field or you can click Add Login to enter a new one.

In the password field, you can instantly generate a secure password or enter your own. Once a new record is created, review its details and make any necessary changes before saving.

Right-Click Context Menu

Lastly, I will review how KeeperFill offers the alternative autofill option of the right-click context menu. KeeperFill is fully integrated with your browser's right-click context menu and capable of filling your Keeper passwords, payment cards, two-factor codes and more.

Simply right-click in the payment field to generate the context menu and with your cursor navigate to the payment card you would like to fill. Now click Fill Card to autofill your payment details. The same process can be followed to fill any other information in your vault.

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