JavaScript Live Hacking

JavaScript Live Hacking

May 17, 2022

Break out your favorite hoodie for this fun, interactive session where you’ll hack a demo JS application together with host Micah Silverman.

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00:00:00 - Stream Start
00:04:12 - Presentation Start
00:08:27 - Learning About the Vulnerable Chat App
00:16:21 - Hacking the Chat App
00:23:58 - A Working Exploit
00:31:13 - How We Prevent This as Developers
00:33:23 - Evaluating the Health of the 'marked' Library
00:39:29 - A Real World Example of Using Snyk Advisor
00:44:49 - Determining if a Library is Built with Security First
00:51:48 - IDE Security Integrations with Snyk
00:58:02 - Presentation Closing
01:00:48 - Wrapping Up the Stream

Snyk helps software-driven businesses develop fast and stay secure. Continuously find and fix vulnerabilities for npm, Maven, NuGet, RubyGems, PyPI and more.

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