ITSM Walkthrough - ServiceNow Integration - Tanium Tech Talks #86

ITSM Walkthrough - ServiceNow Integration - Tanium Tech Talks #86

Apr 10, 2024

See how to configure the Tanium integration for powering the ServiceNow service desk experience with real-time visibility and control on today's Tanium Tech Talk. Watch the guided setup, take note of implementation considerations, plan for user permissions, and do more with the info in this video.

  • Out-of-the-box help desk dashboard for endpoint triage
  • Customizable real-time data, remediation, and software installs
  • Role-based access control (RBAC)
  • Free install from


Help desk user experience demo

85 ITAM/CMDB Setup
There are two versions of this video:
FULL Commentary, PUSH and PULL config
LESS Commentary, PULL config only

86 ITSM Setup
There are two versions of this video:
FULL Commentary, ALL the clicks
LESS Commentary, ALL the clicks

ServiceNow Store: solutions, doc links!/store/search


00:00 Intro

01:37 Meet Brandon

02:09 What is ITSM?

03:28 How does Tanium help?

04:34 Improved help desk experience

06:23 How do I get started?

08:00 SDK - Tanium Integration Core

11:40 Tanium CI Introspect UI

13:00 What's in it for me?

14:48 DEMO: Install

16:45 DEMO: How do I verify it's installed?

17:40 DEMO: Guided Setup

19:35 API permissions considerations

24:15 DEMO: Tanium API Token

25:30 DEMO: Guided Setup (continued)

25:44 DEMO: All Computers Group ID

26:32 DEMO: Guided Setup (continued)

28:55 DEMO: Sync Tanium Packages and Sensors and Deploy Packages

31:39 DEMO: Test the Setup

32:03 Implementation Considerations

32:55 DEMO: Test the Setup (continued)

33:44 Ease of setup

34:34 DEMO: ServiceNow User Permissions

36:30 DEMO: Configuring Packages Sensors Software

39:40 DEMO: Launch Tanium Live UI

43:15 Benefits of the integration

45:10 DEMO: Launch Tanium Live UI

47:38 DEMO: Live Query Sensor

48:40 Sensors Packages Software

49:44 Benefits of the integration

50:15 Customize

54:17 Resources

56:02 Wrap up

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