Introducing KeeperFill Browser Extension v16.4.0

Introducing KeeperFill Browser Extension v16.4.0

Apr 5, 2022

Keeper’s latest update to our Browser Extension introduces a new, elegant user experience. This video will highlight the new features and improvements that include an improved workflow when creating new records and saving passwords, dark mode theme, and improvements to our “Stay Logged In” feature settings screen.

When logging in or registering for a new account on a site with no stored credentials, Keeper provides you with a user experience that will quickly and seamlessly create the vault record. The user is first presented with a list of recognized email addresses to use for the login field or you can click “Add Login” to enter a new one.

In the password field, the user can instantly generate a password, or if you already know the password and begin entering it, Keeper will allow you to instantly save the information, making it super easy to capture existing passwords.

Additionally, we’ve introduced "folder selection" so you can save a record directly to a private or shared folder without having to leave the current page.

This release solves another pain point for users by allowing you to save your credentials on single-page application websites such as, and thousands of other similar sites, like this one.

This new workflow that suggests emails and passwords can be controlled through a new Settings screen called "Autofill Suggestions".

Another highly anticipated feature from our latest browser extension update is Dark Mode. Users can now activate Dark Mode by navigating to the extension’s Settings screen then Themes.

We’ve also included in this release usability improvements to one of Keeper’s most favored features, “Stay Logged In”. Stay Logged in allows you to remain logged into your vault when you close your browser or restart your computer.

To simplify the user experience further, we have merged the Logout Timer and Stay Logged In settings into a new "Security" settings screen. Here you can easily toggle these features on and off and set your desired Logout timer duration from one simple screen.

Using the Logout Timer you can specify the amount of time you would like to remain logged in before you are automatically logged out of Keeper, which provides increased security when you are away from your device. If you would like to stay logged in at all times, simply toggle the logout timer off.

As with all KeeperFill Browser Extension settings, Keeper admins can enforce these new features and settings from the Admin console.