Instant Zero-Trust Access to Remote IT Infrastructure

Instant Zero-Trust Access to Remote IT Infrastructure

Jun 30, 2022

Tired of the latency, availability and reliability issues of VPNs and legacy remote desktop tools?

Keeper Connection Manager (KCM) provides DevOps and IT teams with effortless access to RDP, SSH, database and Kubernetes endpoints through a web browser on any device.

Watch this webinar to learn more about KCM and how you can grant access to privileged systems without exposing login credentials.

During the webinar, Zane Bond, Sr. Director of Product Management, will cover:

  • What Connection Management is and why it’s important
  • Who KCM is for and what it can access
  • Core use cases of the platform
  • The 1-step deployment of KCM
  • The integration of Keeper Connection Manager, Password Manager and Secrets Manager

To start a free trial of Keeper Connection Manager, go to