Infrastructure as Code

Infrastructure as Code

As outline by this post on our blog:

We've released a new Service called infrastructure-service:

We see Infrastructure as Code (IaC) in LimaCharlie as one of our super powers. But we know sometimes it's not the most convenient approach to apply quick IaC templates. This service now allows you to do what you used to do using the CLI, but through the service and its API. On top of the API it provides, it also has its own section in the web UI that makes it easy to copy/paste your org's current configuration for backup, transfer to another org or tweaking.

We plan to make use of this service and IaC even more in the future by providing "templates" you'll be able to apply very easily to your new orgs, and also to use IaC as a fast and reliable way to communicate/apply features and automation in LimaCharlie that involves multiple components (like a FIM rule + several D&R rules for example).

It's also worth noting that this service is now enabled by default on all new organizations to make it easier to bootstrap IaC deployments on new orgs.

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