How to Install BDRSuite on Windows

How to Install BDRSuite on Windows

Jul 8, 2024

Welcome to the BDRSuite How-To Series! In this video, I'll guide you through the steps to install the BDRSuite Backup Server on your Windows machine.

What You Will Learn:
How to start a free trial of BDRSuite

How to download and install the BDRSuite Backup Server

Configuration options and best practices for installation

Steps Covered in the Video:

Download the Installer: Head over to the BDRSuite website and click on "Start Free Trial". Fill in the form for technical assistance and download the Windows installer.

Run the Installer: Navigate to your download location, right-click the installer file, and select "Run as Administrator". Click "Next" on the welcome screen.

License Agreement: Review and accept the license agreement, then click "Next".

Select Installation Folder: Choose the default folder or modify it based on your environment.

Select Backup Modules: Choose the necessary backup modules. By default, all modules are selected. If you only use VMware, deselect the others and leave VMware selected.

Standalone Installation: Choose standalone installation for managing all tasks on a single server.

Database Storage: Select a drive for database storage. The drive with the maximum space available will be selected by default.

Review Settings: Review the default backup server settings or click "Customize Settings" to modify them.

Install BDRSuite: Click "Install" to proceed with the installation. This will take a few minutes.

Access the Console: Once installed, click "Finish" to open the backup server web console in a browser. Access it using localhost:6060 or from another machine using BDRSuite_IP_address:6260.

Sign In: The default username and password are both set to "admin". Change the password or add users from the Users menu.
Experience the Full-Featured Version:
Enjoy a 30-day free trial of BDRSuite in your environment.
For more details, visit our website or contact BDRSuite support.
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