How Are Bots Skewing Marketing Analytics? | Bot Management Review

How Are Bots Skewing Marketing Analytics? | Bot Management Review

Dec 9, 2021

Click fraud is gaining prominence as a threat to marketing budgets, however many businesses are less aware of the financial impact of skewed analytics caused by such activity.

If bots and real customers look just the same, what does that mean for analytics? Are marketers making good decisions, or are they basing their marketing strategies on flawed data?

Netacea asked 440 businesses based in the USA and UK, across eCommerce, telecommunications, entertainment (including online gaming and streaming), travel and financial services to consider the effect of bots on their analytics. How does it compare to ad click fraud, a more deliberate attack that enjoys a higher profile?

In this webinar we will discuss:

  • The awareness of sophisticated, hard-to-detect bot traffic across industries
  • The impact of bots on analytics revealed by Netacea’s survey of 440 enterprises
  • Why all types of bot attacks, not just ad click fraud, should be of concern to marketers

MATTHEW GRACEY-MCMINN | Head of Threat Research, Netacea

Matthew Gracey-McMinn is an experienced Cyber Threat Intelligence professional with an MPhil from the University of Oxford. In his current role at Netacea, he researches and investigates the impact of malicious bots on online businesses and their customers. Matthew is one of the original authors of the BLADE (Business Logic Attack Definition) framework, an open-source project categorizing bot attack techniques.

NEIL ANDREW | Founder & CEO, PPC Protect

Neil is the founder & CEO at PPC Protect, a click fraud prevention platform focused on reducing the impact of bots and malicious activity on advertising performance. With over 10 years experience in the PPC space, Neil teamed up with cybersecurity specialists to create the world's first totally automated click fraud prevention solution.

PATRICK CURRAN | Head of Paid Media, Spike

Patrick has many years top-level PPC experience, with capabilities in all areas of display, remarketing, search and shopping ads. His strong skillset covers analytics and attribution across all search, shopping, display and social channels including; Google, Amazon, Facebook, Bing, Pinterest and TIkTok.

ALEX MCCONNELL | Technical Writer and Cybersecurity Content Specialist, Netacea

Alex McConnell is a technical writer and cybersecurity content specialist at Netacea. He works closely with the threat research team to create insightful, accessible content on the latest trends within cybersecurity and bot management. Alex has a decade of experience creating content related to internet services, spanning web performance, online user experience and non-human traffic.

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