Flow Use Case: Detecting Inactivity

Flow Use Case: Detecting Inactivity

Oct 18, 2021

With so much data available, it´s never been more important to protect it against loss or misuse.
Use Devo Flow to build complex workflows to detect inactivity and alert us before our data is completely lost.

Table of Contents:

00:22 - The use case

00:32 - The Devo Source unit

00:47 - The Map unit

01:25 - The Lookup unit

02:32 - The Filter unit

02:59 - The Map unit 2

03:11 - The Email Sink unit

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For more information on this use case, see the article at https://docs.devo.com/confluence/ndt/v7.6.0/flow/flow-use-cases/detecting-inactivity-periods