Flow Use Case: Customized Alert Reports

Flow Use Case: Customized Alert Reports

Oct 21, 2021

The Devo Platform helps protect your data by registering the alerts triggered in your domain.
Use Devo Flow to keep track of these alerts and receive the findings straight to your inbox in a customized report.

Table of Contents:

00:22 - The Use Case

00:32 - The Devo Source unit

00:39 - The Generator unit

00:53 - The Map unit

01:50 - The Devo Full Query unit

02:09 - The Reducer unit

02:32 - The Filter unit

02:58 - The Email Sink unit

03:11 - The Email Sink unit

03:22 - Linking the units

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For more information on this use case, see the article at https://docs.devo.com/confluence/ndt/v7.6.0/flow/flow-use-cases/customized-alert-reports